Friday, April 18, 2008


I am back home! But i miss everybody in North Carolina :( Well i guess i got to get back to my normal life... but i think we are going back there this summer!! Yay! Well the thing that is not going to change is that i am going to keep doing my blog! I will put some pictures on here of the clay pots and animals i made at my aunt's and uncle's house! She will send them from her house on Monday. So i will probably get them late next week.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Grandparents are painters! (here are their work)

My grandparents painted the same rooster in these first two pictures. I love these roosters! (below is my grandaddy's and on the left is my grandmommy's) I think that my granmommy's rooster is one of her best paintings! i love it!

Above is a man my grandmother painted in Greece.

Above is a picture of a cafe in Croatia painted by my grandmommy.

On the right is the Stone Henge painted in wild colors by my grandaddy. (i love this painting!)

On the left is a painting of my grandmommy in Canada painted by my grandaddy.

I have been painting in N.C.!

I usually don't do splattery work.. but i was having fun with the paints!

here are the paintings i have been painting at my grandmother's and grandfather's house!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am going to North Carolina!

I am going to N.C. i am sooo excited! i get to visit my aunt and uncles and my grandparents! i will bring my computer and take pictures and such and post them on my blog while i am there. :)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

I finished it!!! (to see the whole story..keep scrolling down)

Yay!! i finished it! here are the pictures of the front, back, and side of it.

April 5th (Finished one! now onto another..)

I have finished the front part of my aunt's white square! now i have to finish the back of it..... hopefully i will finish it today! Here is also a picture of the black square.

April 5th (Square!)

today i am crocheting a white square with a black bird on it.. for my aunt leanne!! (p.s. her website is you can click on it on the right.) i am going to her house on April 11 and can't wait to give it to her! (it's going to be her birthday present! Above is how far i've gotten so far! ^^^^^^^

Friday, April 4, 2008

April 4th (Maggie!!)

I had a pretty good school was short! I called up one of my friends, but she couldn't come and visit so i just decided to go upstairs on my laptop and watch murder mysteries all day... but later mom noticed that Maggie my dog's face was swelling up! Her cheek was first swollen then the spot moved above her eye, then the top of her nose! We called the vet then drove as fast as we could there! The vet gave her some Benedryl and said she had had a allergic reaction to a bee sting or spider bite probably.... I am glad she is not swollen anymore!!!

My Dog!

Maggie flipped over^ ^

Maggie.. Maggie is my dog. She is about 5 yrs. old and she is as sweet as can be... but she has some sideffects.. like having the cutest puppy-dog look when she is begging, she loves to chase the cat next-door, barks and howls at fireworks, and hates vaccum cleaners. But she loves being scratched behind the ears, popcorn, and laying in your lap. I love her anyway!!

My Mom and I......

Also besides doing my own blog, my mom and i have a blog that we do together. It's called and you can click on it on the side under (Blogs and sites i like to visit) i take the pictures for the site and mom writes about them. Visit it!