Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Baby just Crashed!

Just 2 days ago, My baby (computer) just crashed. It was really unexpected, if I had known she was gonna just up and leave, I would've moved all my pictures and documents from her....but unfourtunately she had a sudden death. Guess I'll have to start over. Dad's gonna let me work for him, so I can earn some money. I'm going to try to sell some more of my artwork, so I can buy a new one.

For now, I'll use my dad's work computer, for school work. I'll try to work it out so I can put some pictures on here so, I can keep blogging. :(

I'm working on a piano collage for my piano teacher..I'll try to put up some pictures soon.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Lion Collage

Hi Everyone,
I've been oober busy, I just recently bruised my neck muscles, and sprained my ankle and have been dealing with piles of homework. So I haven't been doing much of anything crafty lately, but I made a little magazine collage of a lion yesterday.

So, here ya go!

P.S. I miss you guys!

Love, Queeny

Collage of a Collage

The back

The Front