Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just Clownin' Around

I'm using my beautiful clown my grandmother bought for me in New Orleans as a model for my latest drawings.

Pretty, isn't she? I love all of her fun and fancy colorful outfit she wears.

Pencil Sketch of my clown

Marker drawing. I had to draw her in color. (I don't think the marker drawing is as good as my sketch but it was more fun.)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Queen Crafty Girl is back! ..finally

Sorry about my long leave but hopefully I am back for good. I missed blogging and can't wait to come back to it again. I think when I left, I lost some of my inspiration, creativity, and imagination. I'm so glad I came back to the blogging world filled with all the things I've missed. I truly have missed all my amazingly creative friends! And's what I've been up to:

Right now I am thinking of designing my brother a super-hero costume (which will definitely have a cape included)...any ideas? He wants to add his crocodile hat to the costume and wants to be called "Croc Man"

I won 2ND PLACE in the art contest!! The pictures my teacher picked out--"Chinese Boy" won 2nd and the abstract drawing of my brother got an honorable mention! Oh, how proud I was when I got the news from my art teacher. Also I got $10. Not bad :)
(sorry, but I don't have my pictures back from the art contest yet...I will take pictures of the ribbons and things once I get them sent back to me.)

Maggie---the sketch in progress--

Here is a picture of when I started the pencil sketch of my dog.

and here is the almost finished product....except I have misplaced it at the moment...this always seems to happen to me for some reason. (it's the messiness in me)