Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Baby just Crashed!

Just 2 days ago, My baby (computer) just crashed. It was really unexpected, if I had known she was gonna just up and leave, I would've moved all my pictures and documents from her....but unfourtunately she had a sudden death. Guess I'll have to start over. Dad's gonna let me work for him, so I can earn some money. I'm going to try to sell some more of my artwork, so I can buy a new one.

For now, I'll use my dad's work computer, for school work. I'll try to work it out so I can put some pictures on here so, I can keep blogging. :(

I'm working on a piano collage for my piano teacher..I'll try to put up some pictures soon.



ArtPropelled said...

I hate it when that happens! My computer screen just blew and I'm battling to get used to a new one. Its sooooo bright and nothing seems to tone it down. Don't forget to post the piano collage when you get the chance.

Undaunted said...

I wish we lived nearer Queeny! Scott has been known to rescue information from "dead" computers before. It depends whether the hard drive has died or not. Do you know someone who could test it for you? It would be a shame to lose all your lovely photos.

queencraftygirl said...

Hey, Robyn
Thank you! I will, I just gave it to my piano teacher, she loved it. :) I'll try to post the picture soon.

Hey Un-D,
I wish so too! I think my dad knows someone that can try to retrieve the photos. I'm hoping he it can work!


Jacky said...

How are you going??? Hope your computer worries are over soon and you're back on your blog. Hope you were able to retrieve all of your wonderful photos.
Love your lion piece in the post below and look forward to seeing your piano collage.

Jacky xox