Monday, April 26, 2010

Hello! Sorry about the month-long wait.. I have been busy, lots of stuff going on.

So, I am saving up for a new computer...a Macbook, I'm hoping.. but it'll be awhile before I can get one.they are very expensive.. So, I'm using the family computer to post pictures.

I don't know if you've heard, but Aunt Leanne,, is going to be having a show which I will be in! I'm really excited.
I'm going to show my photography, necklaces, pillows and maybe collages.

And, I'm going to take pictures, lots.

Oh, and remember that store, the Art Shak, wanted to take some of my necklaces?..bad news..none of them sold and they sent them all back to me. I almost cried when I got the box in the mail.

I'll keep trying.

P.S. I don't know what happened to my piano collage picture, but I'll try to get it back and post it soon!

Here is some of my photography, I might put up in the art show, tell me what you think. Thanks!
(Oops, it's at the top of my post.)


leanne pizio said...

Hey Sweet Girl,
Love the photos. Especially the one of Taylor! Great all of them. Can't wait to see your new work!!!!
Sorry about the Art Shak....don't worry you will find another place to show your work.
Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!
Love you bunches!
Aunt Leanne

Undaunted said...

Yay! Queeny! So glad to see you blogging again!! How strange - I was thinking of dropping you a line just today to say how much I had missed your blogging!!

I'm so sorry to hear about the necklaces. That's really disheartening. But don't get too down - obviously they just weren't being seen by the right people!

Your photography is amazing as usual! I haven't forgotton that I owe you a gift (from a meme we did) and now I have a kiln to fire it in! :D

Keep posting! See you soon lady!